Foldable portable solar system

portable solar system generator
portable solar system generator
portable solar system generator
  • portable solar system generator
  • portable solar system generator
  • portable solar system generator

Home foldable portable solar system

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name:SADE

Model Number:SD90-001


Application:Home, Commercial, Industrial

Solar Panel Type:Monocrystalline Silicon, Polycrystalline Silicon

Mounting Type:Ground Mounting, Roof Mounting, Carport Mounting, 


Load Power (W):90W

Output Voltage (V):5V12V19V

Solar power:90W

USB interface output:5V/3A

DC1 output power:12V/5A

DC2 output power:19V/4.2A

5521 DC line output power:20V/4.5A

Fabric material:Nylon 600D waterproof

Folding size:300mm*485*26mm

Unfold size:1280mm*485mm*6mm

This product is a solar folding bag, which uses sun power solar panels to convert solar energy into electric energy to charge notebook computers, new energy boxes, mobile phones, cameras, PSP, mobile power supplies, and other mobile digital products, bringing users a new experience of environmental protection and energy-saving charging. When in use, the product is unfolded, the solar panel is placed upward in the sun, and the red indicator light is always on before charging the equipment.

Imported high efficiency solar panel:SunPower solar panel imported from the United States is used for efficient energy conversion. The solar energy conversion rate is as high as 25%, and the conversion efficiency is 60% higher than that of traditional monocrystalline silicon.

Dual USB intelligent fast charging:Intelligent voltage stabilizing system, 0.1a-3a current intelligent distribution and regulation, and always maintain 5V voltage to provide safe and stable current output for the equipment.

Fabric material:The product is hand sewn with polyester 840 fabric, which feels comfortable.

Voltage stabilizing junction box:Regulated output, protection equipment this product supports multiple outputs such as usb5v, DC12V, dc19v, etc.

5521 output interface:It can directly supply power to the equipment equipped with 5521 input interface.

Velcro:The magic band can be opened and closed repeatedly for up to 10000 times and has a long service life.

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