High power solar system

big solar energy system
big solar energy system
  • big solar energy system
  • big solar energy system

Large scale solar power generation system

Place of Origin:China


Model Number:TY-3010/TY-4010

Application:Home, Commercial, Industrial

Solar Panel Type:Polycrystalline Silicon

Battery Type:Lead-Acid

Controller Type:MPPT

Mounting Type:Ground Mounting, Roof Mounting, Carport Mounting


Load Power (W):10KW

Output Voltage (V):110/220/230/240VAC

Output Frequency:50~60HZ


Daily power generation:30KW

Solar panels:30V275W

Battery capacity:2V500AH/2V800AH

Host output capacity:10KW

Solar panel type:Polysilicon solar panel

Pure sine wave inverter:96V10KW

Solar controller:96V60A

Solar panels:

High projection tempered glass, which can withstand high impact force; Quality assurance of battery raw materials; Imported TPT anti-aging back plate, anodized aluminum frame, El test before and after lamination, higher quality assurance.

Solar inverter:

1. The main circuit adopts DSP chip produced by American T company, Japanese Mitsubishi IGBT module, and the drive protection is Japanese Mitsubishi movement. The off grid output part adopts isolation transformer, which is safe and reliable.

2.2. DC maximum power tracking technology (MPPT)

3.Wide range of input DC voltage to meet the needs of different occasions.

4. It has a comprehensive power protection scheme and perfect self-detection and protection functions. In case of system failure, off grid inverter will be stopped.

5. Compact circuit structure, maximum efficiency > 95%; 6. Optional RS485 communication and host computer monitoring to realize remote data acquisition and monitoring. 7. Multiple protections such as undervoltage, overload, overcurrent, high temperature, high voltage and short circuit are safer to use.

Solar controller:

1.The new generation MPPT controller adopts 8-bit digital signal processing chip and advanced full digital intelligent tracking algorithm to obtain the maximum power point of solar modules and improve the utilization rate of modules. At the same time, the system has full function protection measures such as short circuit, overload, and unique automatic battery shutdown and recovery.

2.On the display interface of the touch screen, you can view the photovoltaic input voltage, charging voltage and charging current of the charging state respectively. Charging setting can view the charging voltage set by the system.

3.Perfect protection function.


Sufficient capacity, deep circulation, maintenance free, sufficient power and long service life; Wide application range, can be used in the range of 40 ° C-60 ° C; Exquisite workmanship and quality assurance.

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