Solar lamp

Solar street lamp
Solar street lamp
Solar street lamp
  • Solar street lamp
  • Solar street lamp
  • Solar street lamp

outdoor road lighting LED solar street lamp

Type:Solar street lmap

Place of production:China

Model:50 economic funds,100 standard,200 standard,300 highlight,400 highlights,600 highlight,900 brilliant,1200 brilliant,1500 brilliant

Suitable for road lighting, home garden lighting, road engineering.


Type:Solar street lmap

IP Rating:IP65

Power Source:lithium battery


Light Source:LED


Continuous illumination time:More than 36 hours

Solar panels:Class a polysilicon photovoltaic panel

switch type:Remote control


Remote control instructions:

1.Light control mode (light on for 13 hours every day)

2.Forced light on

3.Turn off the lights

4.Increase brightness

5.Reduce brightness

6.The light is on for 3 / 5 / 8 hours every day

Different lamp beads:

We use Huayang bright light beads with high brightness and far light.

Some products on the market use low brightness lamps, which have low brightness and scattered lights, and the light can not reach the ground in rainy days.

Shell material:

We use aluminum shell design, which is durable and not easy to rust.

Some products on the market use iron shells, which are shoddy and easy to rust and fall.

Multiple installation methods:

Different installation methods meet various needs of outdoor lighting.

1.Installation of street lamp pole

2.Installation of cement holding pole

3.Wall mounting

ModelLamp holderBatterySolar panelsLumen value
50 economic fundsSection A5AH175*230MMabout400ml
100 standardSection A10AH235*350MMabout600ml
200 standardSection A15AH350*350MMabout800ml
300 highlightSection B25AH350*450MMabout1200ml
400 highlightsSection B30AH350*540MMabout1500ml
600 highlightSection C40AH350*630MMabout2000ml
900 brilliantSection C50AH350*700MMabout2500ml
1200 brilliantSection C60AH450*670MMabout3200ml
1500 brilliantSection C80AH640*670MMabout4500ml

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