PWM solar controller

PWM solar controller
PWM solar controller
PWM solar controller
  • PWM solar controller
  • PWM solar controller
  • PWM solar controller

solar controller 12V 24V PWM solar controller

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name:PowMr

Model Number:PVSC-30A 50A 70A



Application:Charger Controller, Voltage Controller, Wind Controller , Lighting Controller, Solar System Controller, Solar Working Station, RV/Vessels Controller

Work Time (h):Accept Setting


Max PV Power:360W~1680W

Max PV Voltage:12V 24V Auto

Charge Discharge current:30A 50A 70A

Float charge:13.7V/27.4V(adjustable)

Discharge stopDischarge stop:10.5-11V/21~22V(adjustable)10.5-11V/21~22V(adjustable)

Discharge reconnect:12.7V/25.4V(adjustable)

Temperature Compensation:-3mv/°C/cell

Empty Load Wastage:<45mA

Loop Voltage Drop:<200mv

Waterproof Grade:IP32

G series solar controller is designed for off-grid solar system, such as street light, solar home system or small power station etc. It has LCD display, reliable battery charging , full electronic protection, and programmable parameters.

1.  Automatic identification system voltage, 12/24V auto recognition.

2.  Humanized LCD display and double button operation of man-machine interface.

3.  Completed technical data for setup and modify.

4.  High efficiency intelligent MPPT 3-stage charging mode.

5.  The load control mode can be selected, the timer function can be reset for street light at night.

6.  Discharge capacity control.

7.  Discharge counter of ampere hour.

8.  Working storage function: record the total run time of system, record timers of error during running time, record times of full charged battery.

9.  Reliable over voltage protection, short circuit protection, over load protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge

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