High power solar system

off grid solar power system

solar panel system Daily power generation 10kw off grid solar power system


Free installation service:NO

Place of Origin:China


Model Number:TY-105

Application:Home, Commercial, Industrial

Solar Panel Type:Polycrystalline Silicon


Battery Type:Lead-Acid

Controller Type:MPPT

Mounting Type:Ground Mounting, Roof Mounting, Carport Mounting

Load Power (W):5kW

Output Voltage (V):110/220/230/240VAC

Output Frequency:50~60HZ


Daily power generation:10KW

Battery capacity:12V200AH

Pure sine wave inverter:96V5000W

Solar controller:96V60A

Solar panels:

High projection tempered glass, which can withstand high impact force; Quality assurance of battery raw materials; Imported TPT anti-aging back plate, anodized aluminum frame, El test before and after lamination, higher quality assurance.

Solar inverter:

1.Power frequency pure sine wave, full power output, low loss, with UPS function and strong load capacity.

2.There are two working modes: Mains priority and battery priority, with full intelligent switching.

3.Humanized LCD interface, which can query fault records and other functions.

4.Multiple protection, safer use, undervoltage, overload, overcurrent, high temperature, high voltage short circuit and other multiple protection.

Solar controller:

1.The charging efficiency is more than 99%, and the main components are made of imported raw materials to ensure the safety and

stability of the product and longer service life.

2.Multiple protection, safer use, reverse connection, overcharge, over discharge, undervoltage, short circuit and other comprehensive multiple protection.

3.It can charge different types of batteries, lead-acid, colloid, lithium and other batteries to effectively protect and prolong battery life.

4.Intelligently customize and set various parameters, which can display daily power generation and cumulative power generation, power curve, current curve and other functions.

Battery:Sufficient capacity, deep circulation, maintenance free, sufficient power and long service life; Wide application range, can be used in the range of 40 ° C-60 ° C; Exquisite workmanship and quality assurance.

Part nameparameterquantity
Polycrystalline solar panel36V275W10
Lead acid battery12V/200A8
Solar controller96V/60A1
Pure sine wave inverter96V5000W1
PartsPhotovoltaic line4 square200M
Battery box
Male and female head
Battery line
Bracketaluminium alloy1

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